Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Book

I've mentioned it before... the book I was making for Gaye.  The one I made for her birthday that I didn't finish.  I gave her the cover with cotton batting inside, then took it back.

I worked and worked and worked, and it started filling out. 

I kept finding more things and it got fatter and fatter.

It's still not finished, but I gave it to her anyway.  I needed a break from it!  I will eventually take it back and finish it, then take some decent pictures.  For now, here is a quick slide show to give you an idea of how the book turned out.  The design is inspired by the Remains of the Day class I took online.  The book is about a 17 year friendship.... See it here.  Admission free!  (Supply your own popcorn.)


Pat said...

Love how your journal turned out. I took the class and have my cover done,, but not all the pages, it takes a while to fill it up, or for me to find the "right" page to put in. said...

I loved the ROD book you made for your friend Gayle and the journeys you took together. A lovely way to celebrate your friendship.