Friday, April 23, 2010

She's a Jeenyus

I keep seeing more hats and shirts with the phrase "I'm a jeenyus" and it always makes me laugh.  Get it?  If you can't spell genius, I guess you're not one!

Anyway, I totally forgot the main reason I posted yesterday (see, I told you my mind jumps around too much).  Gaye really is a jeenyus.  Look how she hung up her punches. 

Do you see it?  She hung two curtain rods and hooked the punches on them!  I gotta get me some o' dem!!!

[P.S - I had to go back and edit this twice because I kept noticing I had misspelled jeenyus (as jennyus).  I'm not sure what category that puts me in, as I'm obviously not a genius or a jeenyus.]


Dot said...

Gaye is so if I only had room to stand another shelf up in my room and attach curtain rods I'd be in great shape. Thanks for sharing...Gaye, can't wait to see your new space...are you having an open house any time soon? Dot

gaye said...

Hey Dot, I'm not ready for an open house yet, but have a feeling I'm going to have a get rid of it" studio sale. I have reached real clarity today about what needs to go. I'm shocking myself but feel great about my decision.

ceevee said...

Your blogs make me smile. Obviously, you are a jennyus!