Sunday, April 11, 2010

Check List

Don't you love it when you can check something off your list that you keep meaning to get around to. 
Get this:
"Remove hard drive - check"

Yep, I did it - I did it - I did it.  Actually this was not even on my list really, but I was so proud of myself, especially considering I had never done anything like this before, that I made a list and put that on it just so I could cross it off!  Turns out it's not that hard.  This is an ancient computer tower that I planned to take to the annual April electronics recycling event here.  Except I wanted to remove the hard drive first. It only took about 15 minutes total, from taking out the first screw on the cover to putting the whole thing back again.  And that includes the time spent removing about 10 pounds of dust.  Eww.  Do all ancient computers have that much dust in them??  It's embarassing! 

It felt really good to get rid of some electronics.  I also took an old monitor the size of a Volkswagon beetle, as well as a little tv the size of a toaster.  They insist that this stuff gets recycled or reused, not trashed.

Other things on my list - find out the difference between contrails and chemtrails... and also why there are always grids and Xs over my house.  Except in this case when they couldn't decide What to do so they made a whole bunch of lines!  It kinda looks like that stick figure from the Blair Witch Project.  Eeek.

Also on my list - Fight the urge to start collecting clothing labels.  I was content to let that be Gaye's thing, not mine.  I think I have posted pictures of her purse here before (?) where she sewed all kinds of labels on her purse.  I have become the official Purse Wrangler.  When we go places and people start passing around her purse to look at and photograph, I'm in charge of keeping tabs on it!

However, I am getting weak... very weak.  There are some pretty cool labels around, once you start looking.  Now I go to the thrift stores and buy clothes just for the labels.  Check out that label with the face on it!  Hmmmm, this may be my next thing...


gaye said...

Well, you won't believe this but I hit the mother load of labels at an estate this weekend. This lady had 2 full rooms and a garage FULL of designer labels that I would never have the opportunity to buy--Like Escada that costs $1200 for a jacket or Christian Dior. The man let me just cut to my hearts content. FREE. Oh! there is a gardian angels sitting on my shoulder. I was there for 3 days cutting and may go back. Oh! and I found 1 prophecy label like yours :-))) And of course, I'll share.

Jennifer said...

I can relate, Pat. I started saving labels here and there a few years ago when Gaye started. Alas, the few that I have are from "Old Navy", "Large", and, if I'm lucky, "Gap Outlet"! Sounds like fun Gaye, I can just picture you buried in all of those clothes and cutting labels!