Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Walk Down the Red Carpet

Good news - I was off work today and got to make a trip to Gaye's, so I have something to blog about!  Thank you Ginny, for blogging about Gaye in my absence earlier this week!  Gaye really should get a blog because her life is such an adventure, but I get the feeling to her it is just her life and nothing special.  Plus she doesn't have the patience to sit down and write all the time! (I'm guessing... I'm not speaking For her.)

Let us pause in the kitchen for a moment.  I have never before asked to take a picture of someone's sink, but Gaye can't have just any old scrub brush in her sink... oh, no.  (Bed, Bath, & Beyond, she tells me).....

Now let us go downstairs to the newly re-painted and re-carpeted studio.  Gaye says she gets to walk down the red carpet every day!

I didn't take too many pictures, because it is still an ongoing process.  She has not yet moved everything back in or settled the right thing in the right place to make her happy.  Not much on the walls yet, but it's all getting there.  I do like the brightness, the openess and the color!  And I like the cozy chair off in the corner.

I also got to see the things Gaye got at Artiscape and also the things she brought me
(I have such great friends!) 

Love all the concentrated watercolor sprays.  Love the matrix boards.  Love the shoe tags.  Love, love the tape... The tape was what I was really, really wanting.  I have been trying to resist.  But it is so yummy. 

Ginny sells it at her Etsy shop

Meant to mention too that if you have not checked out the workshops Ginny is offering throughout the next few months in the Cleveland area, they are awesome.  If you make up a fantasy wish list of the artists you would like to take classes from, they are all right there.  If I were able to go this year, I think I would pick the weekend when Teesha and Tracy Moore are coming.  In case you haven't noticed, they just don't come east hardly at all (or if at all) anymore.  What a great opportunity! 
(If I got any of the links wrong, just see Ginny's link on the left.)

And since my mind jumps constantly from one thing to another, be sure and check Teesha's blog.  A few months ago, she had some great videos on how to make a journal.  Now she has some great ones on making fabric covers like hers.  I love to watch people work, and her journals are so amazing!
Go look here.

Okay, I have to go rest now.  Too much excitement for one day!

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ginnycartersmallenburg said...

I feel like I have my very own PR firm.
Thank you Pat dear for telling your blog friends about all my endeavors. You are the best. And I love your colorful book!