Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Give Me Color

I realized suddenly a couple of days ago that I have not picked up a paintbrush in ages.  I've been so busy sewing papers and hunting and gathering, I don't remember the last time I painted something.  Last week I happened upon some Golden's Fluid Acrylics at Michael's that were about 75% off the regular price, and I picked up a few bottles.  So.... as I am wont to do (and you regular readers know that when I say "wont", I'm serious), I made a chart.  I can't help it.  I am chart obsessed.  I got out all of my fluid acrylics and painted circles. 

Whew.  That felt good.  It satisfied my need for about 24 hours.

I needed more.  Thinking about Teesha's videos about making a book from a single sheet of paper, I remembered that when I watched the videos back in November, I had made a blank book and put it aside.  (Hers was 8x10, but I tore my single sheet of paper in half and made two 5x7 sections.)  I almost never, ever go to bright colors.  Time to change that.  I wanted the brightest pages I could get, and I didn't stop until I had painted all the white pages.  (The only one that is not fluid acrylics is the green.)

I have a plan for this, but hit a roadblock.  Somewhere, I have a folder of quotes about the Kentucky Derby.  They are great quotes, and I have saved them from way back.  Unfortunately, right now, only the Gods of the Hidden Objects know where that folder is.  Plan B - go on the internet and find quotes about the Derby.  What a disappointment that was.  The search is on, to solve the Case of the Missing Folder...


ceevee said...

Here's my remedy I always resort to

"Tony Tony turn around. A lost object must be found"

But the Gods of the Hidden Objects must be worshipped too and I didn't realize till I read your entry!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

I LOVE fluid acrylics.. what a find to get them at such a steal! I can't live without my black!

Pat said...

Since I LOVE color, I really love what you have done with your pages. I made a Teesha journal as well, but guess what, never finished it. I think there is a pattern here. Love the color swatches as well. Are fluid acrylics great??

Pat said...

It must be a Pat Thing, this problem with not finishing things!! Or maybe it's an Aries thing??

Dot said...

Pat, I love your color chart of circles...did you do them free hand or use a stencil...they look so perfect! I'm still trying to get psyched to finish my clay book with samples of different percentages of clay colors being combined...guess I'll have to do that in my spare time...Dot