Saturday, May 1, 2010

SAS Telethon Today

Notice:  There will be a telethon today for SAS awareness (Short Attention Span).  I have come to the conclusion that my condition is permanent.  It is not just spring fever.  It is not a result of daylight savings time.  I have a chronic case of Short Attention Span.

For instance..... I planned to make a Fabulous book with those painted pages from the last post.  It would be a wonderful Derby-themed book, with quotes, and different topics (hats, roses, mint juleps, etc).  I found funny pictures of hats (all of men wearing hats - go figure), tried a layout, and almost instantly lost interest!

By the way, the business card came from a random stranger on the street... she was dressed down, but wearing a fabulous hat.  When I commented on the hat, she handed out a business card, as she was drumming up business for Derby hats! 

I think the pressure of making a "fabulous" book was too much.  I liked my haphazard Derby doodles from 2003 much better...

A few days ago, I bought this book... I think Keri Smith is so funny

This is an example of what's inside the book.

I thought I would pick a task that looked fun, quick and easy.  Look what happened.

So, welcome to my world.  I'm hopeless!

Happy Derby and happy May (!) - It's a stormy, very wet and rainy day in Louisville unfortunately.

[P.S. - Today's SAS Telethon has been cancelled because, well, due to my short attention span I lost interest already.]

[P.S. again - I lost my electricity when I tried to post this earlier today.  The sun came out for a nanosecond during the running of the Kentucky Derby this afternoon.  If I had been betting, I would have bet on Dean's Kitten.  He came in 14th.  Which is why I never bet on the Derby!]

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Viki said...

Are you in Louisville?
So am I, I'm also in ROD.
and thinking of signing up for the 2 for one.