Friday, May 14, 2010

Paula made me do it

Good grief, Paula!  You are not only a great jeweler (jewelster, jewelress????) but now you are a professional photographer!  Go look at Paula's roses Right Now.  And make sure you scroll down and check out the pictures with her awesome jewelry on the roses!  I know I am biased because I know her personally and she's my friend, but she really is a very talented solder-er!  You'll see... (and if you are smart, you'll snap some up on her etsy site!)

I don't have awesome roses like she does, but she inspired me to go outside and take pictures of my peonies.  Just because. 


Paula:) said...

Ahhhhhhh booootiful!!!! I love the color. The great thing about my roses are - I IGNORE THEM. The are not hybrids but a bush, but still gorgeous darling. Thanks for the kudos. I needed a picture change - ya know. I get tired of always photographing on black so I had to change it up.

Jennifer said...

Wow! What a color! Peones are my favorite. Wonder if they would grow up here? You and Paula are giving me "permagrin" with all of these inspiring flower photos.

Dot said...

Pat, Your peonies (or pee on these) are gorgeous...I used to have a neighbor who entered his in local contests and won frequently. Now a sister-in-law has started growing them...I think this exact color and she loves it...thanks for sharing! Dot