Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shopping Time

Are we smiling yet?

(Another splendid Gaye find - a letter opener.)

I made a fun trip to Gaye's to check out the goods she will be having at her yard sale this weekend.  Papers and stamps and books - Oh My!  I probably won't sleep tonight thinking about what I might want when I go back this weekend!  I also know her - she will probably add a whole bunch more by the weekend.  If you are "local" and want more info about her UNadvertised yard sale (especially if you are a mixed media artist who is "into" these types of things), email me privately at the email address in my blog profile.)

Here is a very small sampling:

Lots and lots of cool papers, including washi papers, wrapping papers, art papers, and collage packs.  Also, books of all kinds for altering or for using the pages for art projects. 

Found objects, game boards (great for book covers or altered art), storage containers, muslin bags.

And what is in that box that says found objects?

This kind of stuff. 

Then there are parts, letters, and art supplies.
Plus stamps and other great finds.

I know I am forgetting half of it, but you get the idea.  This is definitely "the good stuff"!

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