Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lots of Stuffs

What comes between Friday (with rain, hail, winds, and storm warnings) and Sunday (oppressive heat and humidity)?  Why, that would be Saturday - it could not have been more perfect weatherwise.  I was up early and off to Gaye's for her studio sale.  I was stationed in my usual spot, letting people in, handing them a shopping bag, and directing them to the basement, then acting as cashier as they left.  I was making a major effort to not get carried away myself when it came to shopping.  I mean, do I really need to take more stuff home??  But, of course, Gaye does find cooler stuff than most people, so I did bring home a mighty fine bag of goodies. 

I'm a sucker for old books and ledgers, especially if they have writing in them.  I got some for their pretty covers, hoping I will get around to making art journals with them.  And I got this, a ledger from Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, 1931-32 school year.

I love the beautiful penmanship inside, so carefully written.  And even though all it does is list tuition payments for that year, it does have a small glimpse into the times (Depression era).  One entry says this:

Father lost position. Not able to pay, finished year, free tuition.

And then there is this old cookbook "for brides only".  It had lots of notations, mostly referring to "mother" and a date.  I don't know what that means.  Maybe this little bride was missing her mother, or maybe those are days her mother visited.  If those pages could only talk.

And I got this teeny dictionary.  Its poor cover is falling apart, but the dictionary does have 18,000 words! 

Here is some more of my stuff... paper stuff, metal stuff, game board suff, clock stuff, leather stuff.....

My last trip downstairs, several of us were doing a last look, and I was standing there looking at the hardware.  I started picking up different pieces and putting them in and on a wooden box I was holding.  I think I have a shrine in progress!  Meantime, Gaye was playing with those long skinny clock hands.  They are so flexible, and she was making loops and hangers and all kinds of things.  Hmmmm.  Ideas were dropping from the sky!

There was even more stuff that I brought home that is not pictured here - and all for a mere $25.  What a bargain!  But honestly, the best  part of the day was just hanging out with friends I don't see much (you know who you are!!), talking and laughing and being silly at times.  Don't we all need that sometimes?  Actually, we all need lots More days like that!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

How fun! Like stepping into a time machine! And yes, a day with friends is good medicine!

Jennifer said...

Sounds fabulous - as Gaye's Studio Sales always are. Wish I could have been there to hang with friends too!