Friday, April 1, 2011

Adventures and Oddities

I have been out and about getting into trouble.  That last picture with the monkey tree was taken at a little shop that has so many fun and funky things.  How can you pass up a shop with a sign like this?  You SO have to go in.

They also had this and this:

And that shop was next to the cafe with this:

Where inside we sat at a window with these lights:

And as I ate my fried green tomato BLT, my view included things like the teabag pants.

After Gaye treated me to lunch, we strolled down to this art store:

But even before all that, I was treated with, among other things, a wonderful vintage journal, with some of Gaye's awesome collage on the cover.  The journal was made in 1972 1/2... Never saw one with the 1/2 next to the year!

It's almost worth getting old to have that much fun!!


leslie cefali said...

HAPPY BIRthDAY Pat - looks like it was a great day!

Christine Meador said...

Pat,sorry I missed your birthday-looks like you had a fun day. Happy Belated Birthday!