Sunday, August 7, 2011

Art Buffet

I was late to class and I'm trying to play catch-up.  The class is Art Buffet with Teri Martin, and it has been a change of pace from the bookbinding I've been doing to get back to playing with papers.  I have never had much luck with masking fluids, but I did order a Masquepen with a writing tip, and had a lot of fun making marks with that.  This piece should have some more layers of masking and paint, but honestly I like it so much as is, I may not do anything else to it.

 Other play papers:

 Teri demo'd a little pastepaper book/journal that I wanted to try.  I made mine with some papers I already had on hand. I always love seeing other people's journals, and I got lots of ideas from seeing hers.

I really, really need someone to hand me a boatload of money so I can quit my job and play more!!!


Caatje said...

I love the book you made!
By the way, if that person with the boatload of money ever comes your way could you send him/her by my place too? ;-)

gaye said...

Im in love with the cover paper. Yum! I'm dying to make some new paper but it's so hot outside. Maybe the weather will break soon. Also I'm attracted to the red paper sample. That will make such a good page.

Sarah S. said...

I've always wondered about this class - thanks for giving us some samples of what you're doing!

Carol said...

Well I'm with you... I wouldn't do another thing to turqoise, brown, and white above. It's perfect!