Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Play

I have been taking a few minutes here and a few minutes there... just playing with some techniques from the Art Buffett class before I forget them.  I have to say, I'm liking my little pastepaper play book more every day.

This is a No-Blot Pencil.. When you write with it, it looks like regular pencil marks, but brush with water and it turns blue.  I had forgotten I had one of those pencils, and Teri put the spark in me to try it.

 Then I played with pressing a stamp pad on the page and brushing with water.
 I played.. and played some more.  Before I knew it, I had two pages full of pure play.
 I also decided this book needed a title.
 Playing more on other pages.
 Experimenting with which of my writing pens are waterproof.
This is the definition of Joy.

1 comment:

gaye said...

Your time is spent productively, I just love all the pages. Not only are the backgrounds cool, but the calligraphy looks just stunning. I want to be you.