Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't Look Now

Pssst... don't look now but it's almost September.  Apparently the month of August was only five days long this year, or so it seemed.

I've learned a few things this month.  I already mentioned that I learned of the existence of embossed felt.  I also learned that Velcro now comes in clear dots, and they are thin, too.  I've used black and white Velcro dots for book closures, but they seemed to stand out like a sore thumb.  So I'm happy to see thin clear ones. (Gaye used them in one of her classes, so naturally I had to find some too.)

 I learned that you can buy a black and pink Hello Kitty bra.  It was mentioned in this post here about the flea market in Budapest.  I thought Mary Ann was making that up, but a Google search proved the Hello Kitty bra does exist.  Who knew?

I've learned that if I leave something in the Get-Rid-Of  box too long, I'll change my mind and take it out.
I've learned that I never get tired of making color charts.
I've learned that if you buy spiffy new shoelaces to put on you old comfy shoes, it makes your feet smile.

I just can't wait to see what I'll learn in September!


gaye said...

I've learner that if you don't post something quicker than you do, I go crazy! Chop! Chop!

gaye said...

I've also learned that if I don't re-read my posts before I send them, I mispelll lots of words.

letterlady said...

I've learned that I should have checked with you before I went to France. Hello Kitty everything was everywhere!
And where'd you get those snazzy shoestrings?