Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finding Things That Aren't Lost

I was rummaging around in the warehouse (a.k.a., area of unkown and forgotten things in my art room), and I found two more little watercolor sets. 

 My goal is to weed out and thin out the things I don't use.  It's a slow process (probably because I don't work on that project very much).  So, before I put these in the Out box, of course I had to try them out to see if they were worthy of keeping. 

And of course, by the time I did that, I totally forgot what I was rummaging for in the first place.  But that's my life, and I'm happy in it. 

I'm embarassed to tell you what this mystery object is.  More about that later...


gaye said...

Well, my question is, "Did they make it to the out box?" Or did you decide to keep them cause they looked so good" :-)

paula:) said...

Mee too Pat. I was trying to clean up and make things look prettier in my studio and I find things and go - Oh cool - forgot I had that. I mean like aren't we fortunate. Yay us!!!!

Pat said...

Happens to me all the time. It's like Christmas every day!
hee hee