Monday, August 15, 2011

Yum.. Color...

One of my purchases at Stampaway was a set of Peerless Watercolors.  I've thought about buying this for years, and finally did since I seem to be more into watercolors lately.  And of course, one of the first things I did was to make a chart and paint in all the colors to see what they look like.  Yes, I am smitten with color charts (doesn't "smitten" sound a lot better than "obsessed"?!)  A future project will be to make a travel kit and cut off a square of each page of color in the Peerless set.

 I bought 4 new stamp pads, and since I had a blank space at the bottom of the page below the color chart, I used a pencil eraser to stamp dots with the new colors.  You'd think I bought them to match the watercolors, but it is just a coincidence that they match that well.  I seem to be drawn to brighter colors more than ever.

I really didn't buy much else.  Just 4 or 5 stamps, and some cool tissue paper and new tapes.  Can never have enough tapes.  We even stopped at a JoAnn's when we had some extra time and ran into great bargains on notepads and journal tags.

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gaye said...

I just love how you make color charts for every new pad, ink, paint etc... you buy.