Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Dark Side

Today's Adventures in Texture takes us to the use of gesso and a rubber stamp.  This journal page started out bright and red, but as time went on, it ended up kind of dark. 

I painted a double page spread with red acrylic paint and let that dry.  Then I swiped some clear gesso down one side of one page.  I let that dry somewhat (about 15 minutes because I'm impatient, but I should have waited about 10 minutes longer). 

 Then I pressed a rubber stamp into the gesso.  Since my stamp is just a piece of rubber and not mounted on wood or cushion, I immediately put the stamp in water so the gesso would not dry on it.  The gesso then needs time to dry completely on the page.
I then painted over the gesso impression as well as the rest of the two pages with some brown acrylic ink.  The last thing I added was black, applied with a rubber stamp pad around the edges of the pages and over the gesso impression. 
Yep, I've gone over to the dark side on this one, and I like the grungy-ness.


Caatje said...

Nice! Just keep going over to the dark side Luke, I mean Pat.

gaye said...

Did you mean to say you used white gesso? It looks white. Whatever color it is, it looks great!

Pat said...

Caatje, you are too funny!

Gaye, you dare to question me? LOL. If you click on the first picture, you can barely see the jar which says Clear gesso. But you are right. It goes on white and I assumed it would dry clear, but it didn't. Maybe it dries clear on white paper. All I know is that it was on a sale table for about $6 (marked down from about $16) so I figured I'd give it a try!

Carol P said...

Like this technique! Will have to give it a try.