Friday, September 9, 2011

Giant Things

I love surprises, especially fun surprises.  My friend, Jan, must have taken to heart my description at the top of my blog, where I say I collect giant things for my giant coffee cup.  She surprised me when she sent me a giant ballpoint pen.  And it works.  And it writes very nicely too!  Coincidentally, I recently bought a giant pencil at the dollar store.  It has a chalk point, and the packaging says the eraser works on the chalk.  So I have two new things to go along with the giant wooden scissors, the giant plastic nib/container, and the giant brush.  My cup runneth over!

 What I'll bet Jan didn't count on was that I would take some of the rubbery shelf liner stuff she rolled the pen in before she mailed it. I wondered if it would stick to an acrylic block. I cut it in pieces and tried it out. It didn't really stick like I expected, but it stayed long enough for me to stamp with it.

 I also painted it with acrylic paint and stamped. Great for borders on a journal page!
 Another thing I've played with this week is stamping with a piece of embossed wallpaper (anaglypta).

And that's why they call me "she who is easily amused"....


Sandy said...

Ha ha ha, my loving large stationery items friend. As a matter of fact, I wrapped the pen in shelf liner on purpose. If you hadn't found umpteen good uses for it I would have been surprised. Btw, did you know it is good to use under light boards, etc to keep them from slipping?
Have a great weekend!
Jan aka dil borrowed my iPad and I am apparently in her google now.

J.La said...

"She who is easily amused"... That's one of the things I love most about you!!

Pat said...

They also call me "she who is easily confused" so Sandy/Jan (Jandy?) don't make it worse!
You know, when I taught bookbinding classes, I used to cut squares of shelf liner and put that in their sewing kits. It's great for grasping and pulling a needle if it gets stuck in the signature.