Sunday, September 18, 2011

Text-ured Skin

I have been going in a hundred directions all of a sudden.  Similar to what I do every spring and fall.  I think it's because the heat wave has gone away and days are crisp and happy, much more conducive to making art.

After I made rusty skins, the next day I made skins from pages of old books.  I figured the print was more likely to come off the page on older books.  And I knew I'd have to use the skins with the lettering backwards, but that didn't bother me.  I put them on cardboard to dry, put them up high so they were out of my way, and promptly forgot about them.  It was a nice surprise to stumble across them a day or so later!

I think I'll be able to find a place to use these in the future.  I should be able to use them either frontwards or backwards, although I do wish I'd made a couple of them thinner.  Like the rust skins, these were made by spreading soft gel medium, then letting the medium dry.  When they were pulled off the page, of course a lot of paper came with it, so I soaked them in a bowl of water, then rubbed off the paper with my fingers.

I also did some journaling on the page I showed earlier.  No special plans for that page, just some random stuff I came across!

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