Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Very Wordy

I'm feeling very wordy lately.  I have words everywhere.
I got these rubber stamp words last month and have a decision to make on how to mount them.  I can't cut wood with my band saw right now and I don't have enough cushion with the cling back to use with acrylic blocks (plus I like having words mounted and ready to go). 

Remember when I mentioned that I found embossed felt sheets at Michael's?  That same day, I found foam sheets that are thicker than the regular ones.  I bought a sheet to try out with rubber stamps.  The foam is about one-fourth inch thick.  I cut it easily with a craft knife (new blade recommended).  This is gonna work just fine, and now I have some words for journaling.  (I remember people used to cut up those garden kneeling pads for mounting stamps, so this is probably about the same thing, but maybe easier to cut.)

I can also mount these other important stamps that I got a couple of months ago!
Now I can go word crazy And monkey crazy!


Hollis G. said...

Of course we wanna know where you got the stamps. I'm stamp addicted!

Pat said...

Since you asked, the sheet of word stamps is from Invoke Arts
Click on keyword "words and letters" on the right side of their page for the sheet pictured.

The monkey stamps are from Traci Bunkers
(they are under the quarter sheet stamps)
Can't resist sock monkeys!

gaye said...

Perfect mounting sheet. I'll have to look for some. I need that too.