Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Blue Queen

You know your blog is growing cobwebs when your friends start demanding you put something new on there!

There are reasons why I haven't posted lately. 
It's almost Halloween and I feel like a zombie.
I'm working a lot and I feel like a zombie.
I'm missing sleep and I feel like a zombie.
Okay, enough with the zombie.
Maybe I was gathering stuff to send to Gaye, like some Stamp Cash from a vintage postal board game I forgot I had.

Maybe I was working on a Green Page in my book. 
Maybe I was working on the Blue Queen page in my book, with her security detail.
Maybe I was pondering the Mystery of the Crossed Feathers that I almost stepped on while walking near my house.
I hope to have more postal book pages soon.  Don't give up on me!


Caatje said...

zombie you is still making very nice pages!

gaye said...

Thanks! I really needed that. may entertain you today

carol said...

Nice pages and I really love your new photo background on your blog. Very Very very nice.

J.La said...

Fantastic! The crossed feathers must mean something!?!