Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time Warp

I think I was abducted by aliens yesterday.  I lost several hours of my day that I can't account for.  Either that, or I sat down for a simple organizing task and the next thing I knew, I had lost track of time.  I blame the postal books I've been working on.  They have me digging deep, deep into the archives of unused items for stuff to use.  So when I came across this baggie of old postage stamps, it seemed like a good idea to clean and sort them.  I don't remember where they came from.  Either I found them at a yard sale, or Gaye did and gave them to me.

How so much debris got into that bag is beyond me. But after pulling out a few stamps to use and having to clean them off, I decided to clean the bag full and sort them by colors. It was a yucky job, but I knew it would be worth it.

(FYI, the time I spent was indeed worth it, but I only got through about three-fourths of the bag before I felt like I had turned into the stamp zombie. So I'm still not finished.)
I have managed to add some more things to the pages of one book in the last week. Stamps, postcards, old envelopes, photos, anything that might be postal related. For now, they don't seem to have any rhyme or reason. But I have high hopes that it will somehow all pull together over time.


LesleyFW said...

Ah, those time stealing aliens, they get everywhere! I have also noticed after they have been that something usually is tidier - or even messier!!!

gaye said...

Dag-Gone-it! I've been looking for those bags of stamps everywhere. You would have thought I would have saved at least one bag for myself. NOT! All your pages look really good. Inspiring,

Pat said...

Lucky for you, my best friend taught me how to share.
And they are clean, free of bug carcasses and sorted by color! You might even recognize the square boxes because you gave me those too...
I though that was your master plan when you "clean" - you give stuff to me because you know I never throw it away! Then I give it back. Too funny.

gaye said...

I recognized the boxes too. Haaa! And I like that everything always comes back around. :-)

Caatje said...

Gorgeous pages!