Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mail Call

I'm still playing with security envelopes when I get a chance.  Had a really fun day when friend Chris came down from Indianapolis to Gaye's house and Gaye showed us the book she was working on.  Chris and I made one like hers, using cardboard envelopes as covers and security envelopes for pages.  In the photo, ours are the two standing in the back, and Gaye's book is in the front, showing the inside. 

 Below is Gaye's cover (slightly different than ours).  I love what she has done with her book so far.

I'm also still working on my book that I started a couple of weeks ago.  Mine uses cardboard from a priority mailing box for the cover and security envelope pages.  I finally sewed it last night, using the sewn-on-tapes method. 
I can't wait to tackle the insides of both books.  But it is incredibly time-consuming, even though it looks like all you do is just gather some envelopes and add some stuff!  I have stuff spread out everywhere, trying to figure out what to add where.  I can't wait to show these to my postmaster, as she is the one who gave me several of the legitimate postal stickers back when I was teaching mail art classes.


gaye said...

All the books look great. Love the sewn over tapes tape. Very cool. Save some room for a surprise coming to both of you. A great find at a yard sale on Fri.
Aren't you dying to know what I found? :-)

cmulvenon said...

I love the look of these books with all those stamps and stickers on front. A package you can't wait to open.

Caatje said...

Absolutely gorgeous books. Stunning!

Robin said...

I love these book covers, you girls are so clever!