Sunday, October 9, 2011

Postal Alert No. 2

So much for tackling that weekend to-do list.  I'm pretty sure I did nothing but work on this book cover for almost a full day yesterday.  But so worth it!  The insides will have to wait for now.  I can't stop picking up these two books and looking at them.  The part on the front with my name is a layering of multiple window envelopes, each with different wording to tell me how important the recipient of the mail is!  Turned out pretty nice.

By the way, the triple chain stitch on the book above, as well as the sewn-on-tapes on the other postal book in my previous post are both taught in Mary Ann Moss's Full Tilt Boogie class.  If you have considered taking this class, she has lowered the price through the end of this month.  Very inspiring and highly recommended if you love making books with abandon.  See more here
(Disclaimer:  No, I do not get a kick-back and I am not affiliated, just a satisfied student.  I like the fact that the videos and class info are up indefinitely, so no rush to finish everything in a set amount of time.) 
Boogie on.....


gaye said...

I can see how you played all day on the cover. Getting the right mix of elements and balance is hard. It looks GREAT! Worth all the time you put into it. Dis-reguard my email

Caatje said...

Mary Ann's FTB is high on my most wanted list. I loved her ROD class.

Jan Leatherland said...

This is a fantastic book, I absolutely love it. I have been involved with the FTB class this summer but am a bit behind but with such inspiration, I can hardly wait to get going again.

Jan in UK