Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Off on a Tangent

Meanwhile, true to form, she was soon off in a totally different direction, and had to drop everything and make a book.

Yes, I suddenly found the need to make a book I saw in the recent publication Pages, put out by Cloth Paper Scissors.  (I also found out that even though I like the immediate gratification of downloading a publication, I still print out sections at a time because I have to have a print version in my hands.)

This is a fabric cover, using some scraps from previous play sessions.  Spine is ribbon and beads (three needle sewing technique).  Pages are bristol and scrapbook paper.  For now, the closure is a piece of fabric pinned on to hold it closed until I decide what to put there permanently.


Cynthia Schelzig said...

Great looking book. Would you recommend this edition of Pages?
Is it worth the download? I download mags and I too still have to print out some parts...neeeeed to feel the paper in my hands.

Pat said...

I would recommend this - but I am a sucker for anything showing journaling techniques. I love Lisa Engelbrecht's article on Graffiti Lettering, love the article by Jane LaFazio on sketching, and the texture I played with in a previous blog post started out with ideas from Paula Phillips' article. The fabric book from this post is from the article by Jeannine Stein. There are many other great articles, but I haven't gotten to them yet! "Pages" is broken down in sections, both on binding books, making the pages, different book covers, and art journaling. I will get my money's worth with this one.

J.La said...

Thanks for mentioning "Pages." I am not familiar with the publication, but it sounds as if I should be! Great book. I like the random letter and number fabric squares especially!

Caatje said...

Wonderful book. It's good to give into urges like this. ;-)