Friday, November 11, 2011

Ready for my close-up

I had to get away from the postal book and paint something.  I have been re-visiting some books and articles on texture projects, and I think this two-page spread probably has ideas from several places.  I know it started with gesso on the pages, with scribbling into the gesso before it dried.  Next came layers of paint, some circles, number stencils, more scribbling, and collage.  The postage stamp has a quote by Abraham Lincoln, and that's the quote I used on the page.  It was done quickly and I'm not that happy with my lettering, but this is a journal for play.  Emphasis on play, not perfection.

My favorite thing is to isolate sections of the pages for close-ups.  I love seeing the close-up detail on my computer screen, and I sometimes use these pictures for screensavers.  Of course, that close-up also magnifies imperfections that I don't want to see, but mostly it helps me remember (temporarily) that I did something I was fairly happy with.


letterlady said...

Very cool, as always! Question - what kind of journal are you using that allows so much wet media? What kind of paper is in them?
Carry on!

Anonymous said...

It's really interesting to see how you built up these pages and the different parts that make it up, end result looks really good!

gaye said...

Love seeing all your layers. I was happy with just the first one. Yum!

Caatje said...

Beautiful pages and some very nice clos ups!
I understand the feeling of needing to get your hand on some paint after dabbling with paper for a while. I had the same thing in the past weekend and I even pulled out a canvas to make a painting. I hadn't done that in ages. It's nowhere near finished yet and I doubt if it's any good, but it sure felt great to get my hand dirty again!

J.La said...

I love all of your different styles of "script." You've got mad skills my friend!