Sunday, November 27, 2011

Over the river and through the woods

On a map-making journey I go...  (You must sing that to the tune of whatever song that first part is from.)

As usual, I was not actively looking for something new to embark on, but it found me instead.  I recently got Jill Berry's new book, Personal Geographies.  For a long time, I've had this idea for making a book with maps in it.  I have saved maps from places I've been (art fairs, parks, campuses, etc.), with no particular purpose yet, just knowing I would need them some day.  Jill's book is different though, and it has my mind going in many directions.  I have actually been reading her book, not just looking at the pictures (as so many of us do!)  I like the way she makes maps of different events and places from a childhood memory, things like that.  They can be like a regular map, or in the shape of a hand or body or the sections of the head.

All these ideas will have to wait for now.  The idea file in my head is getting full.  For now, I played with making "geo paper" using the tutorial on Jill's blog here.

I will put more layers over this and play some more later..

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gaye said...

What a fun play day this would make.