Saturday, November 5, 2011

She Who Must Paint

I'm still working in my postal book, but I am really feeling the need to take a break from it lately.  I need to paint something.  I have a book I started a few years ago - it has canvas pages which have mostly been prepped with gesso and/or green paint.  I never bound the pages, and also I couldn't figure out which direction I wanted to go with it.  But I got it out and played a bit.  I wanted to try lettering on it, and I made some scribbles with different pens.  I painted the center of a couple of pages with lighter colors so I'll have a place for a focus of some kind.  Don't know where I'm headed (and I may not even work in it again for weeks), but it's there in my mind now, with ideas to mull over.


gaye said...

Nice Beginning! Oh, and I hit the annonymus button by mistake below.

j.La said...

Your "scribbles" are beautiful! Love your writing!