Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bright Spots

Don't you just love running into an unexpected bright spot when you least expect it?

Recently, I said something to my friend Gaye about how I have been feeling all yucky in my head. A couple of days later, I found this in my mail box!  She not only knew what I meant, but she knew what to do about it! It really went a long way in perking up my head yuckiness. (Plus she got to try out the funky alphabet stamps she found at a yard sale.)
And then yesterday I happened to notice two sunflowers had sprouted in a neglected pot on my deck. My deck is a sad sight right now.  Flower pots sit empty, abandoned, and in need of sprucing up.  I can only guess that a squirrel or a blue jay hid some sunflowers in the pot for his winter stash.  Suprise!
Thank you, Mother Nature, and Gaye!

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