Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dateline: Cincinnati

What another fun trip to Stampaway in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It just wouldn't be August without this tried and true annual convention for stampers.  Gaye taught four classes, and they were all successful, with a great bunch of students.  Everyone went home with completed books, bracelets, and gift card structures.  Lots of hard work on Gaye's part, but most of her students are repeat attendees, so that says a lot about her as a teacher.  Connie Williams continues to run the convention like a well-oiled machine, and it just never gets old.

Over the past two decades of this convention, I find that I take less and less stuff with me.  I have learned that I'm really not going to spend a lot of time in the hotel room.  And what time I do spend, I'm not going to read a lot of books or magazines, or work on any big projects.  This time, I decided to take a small notebook I had lying around, a few pens, and my Zenspirations book.  The plan was to just play around with zentangle borders.  Here's my portable studio below.  In spite of trying to travel light, I did end up putting more and more things into the pockets.

I have had this so long, I don't remember where I got it.  Since it says Cover Girl on the front, I assume it is for make-up.  It might be for jewelry.  But it has two clear zipper pockets and one narrow pocket, and it has a hook for hanging.  I can fit quite a few supplies in there. 

I'm glad I took it, because I ended up making quick little journal pages instead of doodling zentangles.  I can later tear these pages out and just glue them down in my bigger journal.  Most of what I bought during this trip was stencils, stencils, and more stencils.  I kept running into them and could not help myself, especially the ones on sale.  I mean, how can you pass up a three dollar or one dollar stencil.

We did have a few surprises while we were there.  We went to the Friday night preview/shopping party, and for the first time ever, I did not bring a camera or a phone.  My purse gets heavier and heavier it seems, and I just decided there was nothing I needed to take pictures of that night and left my camera in the hotel room.  But what a surprise to have a rare sighting of a Pam Sussman!  That is an elusive creature indeed, and not one I have seen in Cincinnati in years!  You'll just have to take my word for it!
Seriously, though, it was great to see Pam (whose Book Arts Studio blog is listed in the sidebar, and who lets me try to shame her into writing about a book workshop she took.)

Also, I had a bit of a surreal experience I wasn't expecting.  One of the best booths there is always Stamper's Anonymous.  I knew Tim Holtz was demo-ing all weekend, and while I love his products and love to see him work, the crowd around that area is always packed.  I got kind of claustrophobic and moved away from the demo area and went to the other end of the booth.  There, I spied a table full of beautiful, colorful journals.  Sitting at the table was a woman with red hair and a polkadot dress.  There were bottles of Dylusions spray sitting on the table.  I literally had to remember to breathe for a minute.  I am not often starstruck, but I knew this could not be anyone other than Dyan Reaveley.  Unlike Tim's table, there were no on-lookers (she had just returned from a break she said).  I love her products so much and love watching her videos - how is it that I had no idea she would be at this convention?  I still didn't believe it, though, and had to talk to her for a couple of minutes to verify the British accent and know for sure it was her! 
She could not have been nicer to me.  I looked though some of her journals, she answered questions, she showed me some of the new things in her Dylusions line.  Plus I finally got to see the Dylusions blank journals available.  I've been hesitant to order one, not having held on in my hands.  Next time I need a blank journal, that will definitely be at the top of the list as it has great paper to work on.
When I went back to the Saturday convention, I made sure to take my camera and took the picture above.  And now I have a whole new Stampaway memory to take home.  You just never know when you make a trip to Cincinnati in August.

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Robin Gasser said...

I know what you mean about the stencils--I've been nuts for them even before they became popular again :-) I saw Pam (from a distance) too but I missed you! Maybe next year.
Robin Gasser