Monday, August 19, 2013

Day Journal

I have been obsessed with a project the last few days.  One of the classes Gaye taught at Stampaway was a Day Journal.  She had some really great samples she made for class, but it never occurred to me to take pictures of them at the time.  Anyway, she had a couple of extra class packets and I asked if I could have one.  The book is so much fun and has so many variations to try, I really wanted to make one when I got home.  Before I even got home, I decided I wanted to make this book with a Stampaway theme, using the stamps and stencils I bought during the trip.

This shows the cover of my book (front cover on the right, back cover on the left).  Gaye designed it to have multiple layers for the cover, with windows cut out.  I will be adding beads to the red waxed linen sewing threads on the outside. 
 After our trip, when we stopped at Gaye's house so I could get my car, she gave me the "out" folder (from one of her yard sale finds), and I used that for my middle cover.
 The rest is self-explanatory.  I don't know that any of you are interested in reading all of it, but the majority of what is on the pages are the stencils and stamps from this trip, and a few from past trips.

 I added business cards, information, and notes about the stores we visited while there.

 The red "Friday" and the green "Saturday" are my wrist bands from the convention.

Great fun - I wish I had made one of these every year I have been to Stampaway.  What a collection that would make.


Medbury Gaye said...

Well this is absolutely fabulous. What a great job. I love the Out Page. It looks just great

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Pat. Fun post. I am a reluctant sketcher/journal keeper, but you make it soooo appealing! I may have to open my sketchbook/journal more often!
best from Tunisia,

Pat said...

Thank you so much Nadia! The key to my success in this book is that there were so few pages (3 sheets of paper folded in half). I knew I could finish this journal! Have fun. (Checked your blog, and will definitely go back when I get more time.)

gaye said...

Well, I had to go look at your journal again. Saw things I missed the first time. Love that. And you're right about this journal being easy to finish. My attention span is so short that I know I can finish this one.

Pat said...

Um, Gaye, it's your design - I would think you would finish one!
(I'll bring it next time I'm up there.)