Friday, August 16, 2013

The Rolodex

So, I've been playing around with this rolodex, which is not really a rolodex.  It's really a drapery hook with mini rolodex cards on it.
While in Cincinnati last weekend, I ran across this punch that punches out a mini rolodex shape. 
I'm sure the mini cards are meant to be used as scrapbook page embellishments, but I suffer from a disease called "is that all there is?"  It was just too cute to leave behind, so now I have been pawing through my metal parts drawer, looking for some way to make a mini rolodex.  So far, the drapery hook does hold the cards, but I'm looking for something that doesn't have to be propped up, something more like a rolodex.  I'll let you know if I figure something out.  Meanwhile, any helpful ideas are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Apparently I have the same disease.
There are two kinds of Rolodex. The circular and the nearly flat, which yours resembles. Have you also thought this shape is also like the old library catalog cards, pre-didital?

Anonymous said...

pre-digital !

Pat said...

I did consider the card catalog drawer possibility. But I completely forgot about the circular (ferris wheel type) rolodex. Hmmm.. something else to consider! Thanks!!