Monday, June 22, 2009

Extra Sweets

Okay, one more father's day treat, then I am done. I'm posting this one because it is Just Too Cute. And let me add that I am NOT exactly a domestic, cooking type person, although in my heyday, I did make my own pasta, ravioli from scratch, and my own bread (withOUT a bread machine) all the time. I can really get into it when it is like making art!! But doing something like this is truly impressive. Look....

The burgers are brownies, cut with a round cookie cutter. The buns are cupcakes made with white cake mix. The toppings are colored icing. The french fries are sugar cookies, cut in strips before baking. AND, this creative genius who did this has instructions, Plus templates of the tray, paper and french fry bag available for download. You could substitute birthday greetings for the father's day greetings. Just too cool! It would take me a week to do this. I think I am passing out from a sugar high just looking at this!!

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gaye said...

That is true love. My husband is definitely not seeing this!