Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fortune 5, 6, 7

No, I haven't forgotten my Fortune cards, although I am disappointed I'm not finding typos in the fortunes since that first one. Here's number 5:

I get the feeling someone in the marketing department is writing these fortunes! They obviously want me to buy more cookies. And this "serving suggestion" was actually on the box of fortune cookies! I guess there aren't really a lot of different ways to serve fortune cookies, so drizzling them with chocolate is fine with me!

Deja vu! This little project is going to get really boring really fast if they repeat the fortunes. I mean, there are only 12 cookies in the box. They should not have to repeat that soon! At first, I was going to throw away the duplicate, but then I decided that I love a good challenge, so I would make two cards with the same fortune. (And I don't think they know me well enough to make such insinuations about my past either!!)

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Pam Sussman said...

The strangest fortune I ever pulled from a cookie read as follows: "Here we go, moo shu pork for breakfast"
from a Chinese restaurant in Pittsburgh. I'm still thinking about that one.