Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Reading

Crazy weather. It has rained a lot, and rained some more. It has technically been a little cooler than normal for June at times, but that is canceled out by the extremely high humidity. You can almost scoop it up with a cup, the air is so sticky and dripping with humidity.

So after work yesterday, I picked up my mail at the post office and was happy to have some reading material. Good excuse to just sit and not move around a lot! I had a new issue of Somerset Studio. I haven't read it yet, but glanced through it... oh, boy, one of dj pettitt's books is featured. I really do want to eat those up, they are so lucious. The article is actually about painting faces, so I can't wait to read that. She was here this time last year, and watching her work on a face and bringing it to life is an amazing experience.

I also got an order from Amazon, with the new book, Re-Bound.
I ordered it, but didn't expect it to have many new ideas for books, but I was wrong. I have never seen a book made from a hot water bottle! (Actually, I've never seen a hot water bottle with a patterned texture like that).

And a book from a bathroom rug?

A book with a cover of woven tickets (what did I do with that roll of tickets? I think I got rid of it....)

And a book from cabinet cards (notice the cabinet card on the spine too)....

Looks like a few summer projects here. Very nice instructions for each project. And a great gallery in the back of other submissions with more ideas.

But it made me wonder... what ever happened to the "recycled" book that I heard about back in January? I know Gaye submitted some things to it... (really, someone should do a book with just her amazing projects!) I did some searching, and the book will be published in November. It is on Amazon for preorder, but no "look inside" pages yet! I'll be watching for it.

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gaye said...

The "re-bound" book looks great. A book from a water bottle? Who would have thought. I'll have to put on my yard sale eyes for this one. No problem!