Friday, November 20, 2009

Decisions, decisions

I do have a November divider for my journal. Really, I do. It's just not attached yet. I am suffering from a bad case of indecisiveness. Even before my fabric workshop last month, I knew I wanted to end up with a fabric/lettered divider. I finally got around to writing out November on a fabric background piece. Had to let that dry. Then I painted in some accent color. Had to let that dry. Then sewed the words onto a piece of cardstock for the divider. I like to have the month show from both sides of the page, so all of this is times two. Plus, before I attach it to a page, I like to go ahead and put some kind of color on the page. So that means paint the front, let that dry. Then paint the back and let that dry. For some reason, this didn't seem complicated before, but this time I would be off doing something else while waiting for things to dry. And, yes, sometimes forget I was even working on a November divider.
I finally got ready to attach the divider last weekend, and thought maybe a button or two would be nice on it before I attached it. Start looking for brown buttons. Hmm... start sorting all the buttons. Two hours later... I have buttons organized and forgot about the journal. But the buttons look spiffy.
Now I can't decide.... rick-rack? ribbon? buttons? leafy stuff? Honestly, it should not be this hard! I'll adopt Nike's slogan. Just Do It. After all, it's almost December!!


Pat said...

The journal is awesome1 i like the ribbon leafy stuff and the buttons.

gaye said...

Love Love Love the all the dividers. They look really cool. Can't wait to see this in person and touch and feel it. And I get the button thing. So with you girl.

Mike M. said...

I'm tired as hell of reading about %#&@!-ing dividers.

Pat said...

hmmm... SOMEbody is wearing their grumpy pants.
Pat P