Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time For....

I love blog surfing. My list of blogs I like to visit is longer and longer. There are some that I only visit occasionally and catch up with several entries at once. There are some I visit every day. There are some I visit when I just need to laugh. So.... if, on this holiday weekend, you find yourself needing a break from either eating, shopping, watching sports, or working, check these out (some have been mentioned before, but have new stuff all the time).

Cake Wrecks - still one of my favorites, and there are lots of "turkey" cakes to enjoy (see how I used quotations... because whether they are actual depictions of turkeys is questionable!) Half the humor is the commentary rather than the cakes.

There I Fixed It - Just too much there to make me laugh. Make sure to read the caption of the post first, then look at the picture.

Bent Objects - Adding bent wire to everyday objects. Like Cake Wrecks, they now have their own book.

LOL Cats - You don't even have to like cats to get a laugh. Once you get the lingo down (and get past the 90% ads/10% pictures), it's very funny most of the time. I think there is a lot of geek element there sometimes that escapes me.
Dude Craft - Just like it sounds.. a dude who does crafts. Not only is he exceedingly funny, he looks just like a guy I went to high school with. Like Rag & Bone, he always has links to the most amazing things. I always go back through the older posts to make sure I didn't miss anything. It was through him that I found....
Gift Making Guide - (at Just Something I Made) - I love the idea of the toy truck with the pin cushion in the back. That has made me open my eyes to other objects to turn into a pin cushion! And the People Stationary has downloads of labels and vintage photos. (For all the projects, click on the title below the picture, not the picture itself.)
Have Fun!

Now, loose ends...

I got this award from Ginny. The idea is I have to answer the questions below with one word. Ginny is right, that's hard to do! Plus I hate doing these for myself. I love reading other people's answers, but I feel like I have to explain mine most of the time (plus I am such a smart alec!) (Also, it's amazing to me that some of my more serious answers would have been totally different even a couple of months ago.)
--By the way, if you have not been keeping up with Ginny, she is organizing some workshops for next year. Some of the instructors from Art Continuum of years past will be coming on a monthly basis to Ohio to teach. I told her I would have to sell my house and move to Ohio in 2010!

So, here goes (I hate it when there is a pop quiz!)

1. Where is your cell phone?...purse
2. Your hair?...head (I thought it was a "where is" question!)
3. Your mother?...Tennessee
4. Your father?...deceased
5. Your favorite food?...potato
6. Your dream last night?...sleeping
7. Your favorite drink?...Coca Cola
8. Your dream/goal?... finish the basement
9. What room are you in?
10. Your hobby?...books
11. Your fear?...bankruptcy
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
(if I use hyphens, does that make it one word?)
13. Where were you last night?...Kroger
14. Something that you aren't?
15. Muffins?...cornbread
16. Wish list item?...IPod
17. Where did you grow up?...Tennessee
18. Last thing you did?...answer this question
19. What are you wearing?...clothes
20. Your TV?...muted
21. Your pets?...catless
22. Friends?...talented
23. Your life?...mine
24. Your mood?...content
25. Missing someone?
26. Vehicle?...Jeep
27. Something you're not wearing?
28. Your favorite store?...Preston's (art store)
29. Your favorite color? ...or green ...or brown... blue
30. When was the last time you laughed?...several times today
31. Last time you cried?...two days ago
32. Your best friend?...Gaye
33. One place that I go over and over? office
34. Facebook?
35. Favorite place to eat?'s
Have a Great Thanksgiving....
Gobble, gobble... eat til you wobble!

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