Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Fever

I've been attacked by the fall version of spring fever. Usually at this time of year, it seems like my system starts shutting down for the winter. The shorter days really kill my energy level. But for some reason, this year I'm going in all kinds of directions, with something new catching my attention at every turn. There's a squirrel in my yard every day, frantically grabbing seeds from the bird feeder, running up and down the trees. I guess he's getting ready for winter and building his stash. Or maybe he got into some Red Bull, I don't know. But I kinda feel like that, grabbing ideas all over the place.
Here's one thing I'm playing with.
(Sandhill cranes flying overhead)
Keep in mind I don't have Photoshop and I don't have any fancy editing programs, just whatever came with the computer (yes, its a PC, not a Mac. There, I said it.) Anyway, this idea was prompted by reading about an online class by LK Ludwig. She will encourage people to take some of your unused photos that didn't quite measure up, and learn to use them for journaling. Sounds like a great class by the way. So I played around a little, but didn't have too many options with what I have. I found something on the menu called Invert Colors and got this negative type image. So I tried that with a few photos. I can see me using those in journals. I taped a bunch on the wall with masking tape, so I can mull it over and think about what I want to do. I have lots of pictures of feathers, trees, birds, and spider webs.
Also, after the class with Lisa Engelbrecht, I was determined to practice my calligraphy more. And since I'm crazy about the acrylic inks now, that's what I've been using. I'm so pround of myself. My lettering is still a little rusty, but there's just something about pages and pages of colorful letters that makes me want to do more. Really loving that!

Now if only someone would come do all those outside pre-winter chores that I should be doing.... maybe if I hide walnuts in the flower bed, the crazy squirrel will dig them up and do the weeding for me!!

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