Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Paper Wreath

oooooh..... we want to make this, don't we?

I don't remember how I found this.... a link to a link to a link, etc. Here's the tutorial here. I love it when people share. I would love to make one of these, and I think I even have a glue gun... somewhere. I admit, though, that I am a little glue-gun-challenged. It must be one of those things that takes practice, to get that little wrist-flick thing down pat so you don't have glue strings all over the place like I do. I'll bet they go to the same school as the people who put the curl on the top of a cone of ice cream. Flick of the wrist, and there you go.
So, all I need now is a styrofoam wreath. And my glue gun. And an old book. Simple.

1 comment:

J.La said...

Yes, Pat, let's make one. It's great!