Saturday, November 14, 2009

Write On

I'm still spending some time each day writing, writing, writing... can't seem to stop. But that's a good problem to have. I find it very relaxing.

It's mostly on graph paper, but some is on black paper. I also tried paste paper, but some of the ink seeped in. I'll try some No Flow on it next time. When I finish lettering, I usually take my leftover ink and either paint a journal page or a scrap piece of paper. The blues were so rich I could not stop picking it up to look at it. yummy.
I finally got tired of writing the alphabet and started lettering some of the Desiderata, just random sentences from it. That didn't go so well. My mind was wandering, I was leaving out words or misspelling them. So, that meant it was time to stop. It might have been because my wrist was hurting. I have broken my right wrist in the same spot twice over the years, so I have to watch out for the bad-wrist-days.

Last week, I did make an anniversary gift.

This is a mixed media canvas that reads "The Newtybird and the Gayely Chick can often be found living in the same habitat, feeding on fresh berries and raising their young." It is meant to go on Gaye's bird wall. Not to be confused with Gaye's word wall.


Paula:) said...

THEY ARE Adorable. SO very cute.
Your writing is amazing Pat. I wanna be PAT!!!!!
hugs girl

gaye said...

Pat, you are so funny. I love Newtybird and Gayely Chick. And your writing looks FAB!