Sunday, December 6, 2009


I'm still debating whether to put up my big tree or my little table top tree. (Thinking ahead to the take-down phase, you know!)

Every year I get out one of my favorite gifts of all time. If you can read what it says, it's from 1999, and is a Christmas Journal that Gaye made for me. She knows I love handmade books (who doesn't!)

Back then, I actually did make and send handmade cards and hand lettered envelopes, all carefully made and coordinated. Lots of them. (These days, I'm lucky if I get around to buying a box of 10 cards and sending them to immediate family! Before Christmas.)

This book had pages for attaching cards, and pockets for cards and fun stuff. I filled it with the cards and envelops, with postmarks cut from envelopes, and bits and pieces of wrapping paper and ribbons and tags from that Christmas. I still totally love it!!

When you think about it, every single day is a huge gift. Don't squander it (and I'll try not to either!)

I know this sounds pensive and thoughtful. I have a person named Ann on my mind. She lost her battle with breast cancer last month. She was a member of an online calligraphy group, and for years and years she infused that group with so much life and laughter. She proved the doctors wrong time and time again when they said she would not make it. Now that she is gone, the stories from literally around the world show how many people she touched, and how much she helped others with their own struggles. Years ago, when we lost another calligraphy friend, we all made weathergrams and hung them outside in her honor. Weathergrams are supposed to be made from a strip of brown paper from a grocery bag, usually have a haiku poem, and are left to weather as mother nature sees fit, outside in the elements. This time, we have sent our weathergrams to Ann's family. They will have a memorial service this month. I don't know how many weathergrams they will receive, or if they will hang them outside, but here is what I sent. I sent the one with the red lettering and gold accents to the family (not haiku, just a thoughtful message). I have the other one hanging in my yard. Peace, Ann.


letterlady said...

Is that my lettering I see in the book? The weathergrams are cool. Love, love, love your blog. If I had an award to give for blogging - I'd give it to you!

gaye said...

Oh! I remember giving that to you. That was such a fun Christmas as are they all. Thanks for the memories.