Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dire Warning

Do you know what this is?

It's a cold, cold sky. A cold, cold sky I say. I wasn't really paying attention to the weather reports the last couple of days. Then something made me perk up. Wind warnings. Wind? I think the forecast of "strong winds - power outages possible" ranks up there as my least favorite forecast. I can deal with rain, sleet, snow, heat, even tornados, since they come and go really fast as a rule. But those long, sustained winds, howling all night, trying to knock every branch onto every power line... please go away.

Okay... on to some loose ends. That last picture of my Christmas journal was taken in natural light. I should have used a flash, because the journal is black. Not purplish black, but jet black. Like this. (sorry... I think this one is a little Too dark.)

See how clever Gaye was. She took a piece of art paper, folded the ends for covers, punched two holes in each cover and threaded a ribbon through the holes for tying it closed. (signatures were sewn in separately.)

And Jan... you have an eagle eye! Yes, that looks Very Similar to your beautiful lettering, but alas it was not yours (see closer picture). However, I do have a card of yours elsewhere in the book. Recognize the trees? Surely you remember. It was only ten years ago! (I shudder to think how many trees you must have cut out that year!)

We now move on to the book review section... I'm so glad Ginny mentioned on her blog that she was notified Amazon had shipped this book. I could not remember if I had preordered it or just thought about it. A quick check revealed I had not ordered it, so I did that pronto. Got it yesterday and it does not disappoint. I can only echo something Pam Sussman said, that anything Lynne Perrella puts together is first class all the way. Lots of artist studios in here, and I never tire of looking at peoples' work spaces (and Pam is in there too!)

I also ordered this book.

I really, really like these word tabs she put in one of her books.

I think I may use a variation of that for a December divider in my journal. Stay tuned (or not!)


gaye said...

OOOOO! Both books look good. Will check them out

letterlady said...

OMG times two! 1. How could I have thought that was MY lettering. That's terrific! The scrap I saw resembled mine, but in its entirety - wow! It's so graceful. 2. I'd forgotten that card! You're right! LOTS of trees cut out, lots of folding...probably lots of wondering if I was ever going to finish them, lol.

Thanks, Pat!