Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don Your Sunglasses

I can use the word "don" because it's the holiday season, and we're allowed to talk funny!

I'm a member of Those-Who-Love-White-Lights all over the place outside peoples' houses.  So, it's not unusual for me to take the long way everywhere I go at night, just to see how people have decorated.  This year, I have noticed a lot more blue lights.  One house had what looked like those icicle lights but with three different blues (pale blue, lagoon blue, and dark blue).  I'd never seen that (but then, I don't get out much).  I am not describing it very well, but it was very pretty. 

So, I was at the grocery store this afternoon, and they had some blue lights marked half price.  The last thing I need is more Christmas lights.  Well, maybe not the last thing.  The last thing I need might be fruitcake or a flat tire or something worse.  But I don't need lights.  But they were half price.  And they are blue.  They are snowflakes.  Got your glasses???

Did I mention they are LED lights?  And that I am temporarily blind by looking at them so long and taking pictures of them??? 

Whether I hang them on the porch or in my office, they make me happy.  Hope you found some happy today too!


Paula Hardesty said...

absolutely ms. pat. I LOVE THE LIGHTS. Our house has tons outside - WHITE ONLY please. LOVE them. When I came home tonight Andrew didn't have the lights on and I realized how much I missed see them on.

Mike M. said...

I was at Staples yesterday and I thought of you when I saw the aisle marked "DIVIDERS".

Sharpie has a new treat - it's their regular marker in a stainless steel jacket - it's a beautiful thing! I can't wait to get gas so that I can use it to draw on the gas pump.

I think my new graffiti will be: DIVIDERS SEGREGATE!

You are to blame.

Pat said...

There's a whole Aisle??? hmmmm... I'll have to check that out, and the Steampunk Sharpie too!!!

Pat said...

and also..

President and member in good standing of the Dividers Union
Est. 2009

gaye said...

Cool lights. They are just what you needed. You don't even have to put them up. just plug them in and enjoy.

Jan Hurst said...

I giggle when I read your blog posts. I love the way you talk. (Wait a minute - from Slingblade, "I like the way you talk." Pronounced lak and tawk.

Anyway, me too. I lak the way you tawk/type.