Thursday, December 31, 2009

And so it goes....

This year seemed to go by fast, yet at the same time seemed to last forever.  Waving goodbye to 2009, looking forward to great things in 2010 - and hoping the same for all of you!

Dare I mention my dividers again?  Most of you who check in here know I have been trying to come up with interesting monthly dividers for my art journal all year.  So here's a little "Year in Review" for your viewing pleasure.

Okay, I tried to embed my video here, but two hours later, something is not working.  Maybe I put in too much fading and zooming and music.  Anyway, instead, go here to see it at Vimeo. 

Journal - Made by DJ Pettitt and bought in 2008
Covers are heavy watercolor paper.  Covers and endpapers made by DJ.
FYI, I love to buy blank books and journals.  This one seemed "too nice" to use, but I finally convinced myself that my art needed a jumpstart this year and that, by golly, I was going to journal in this blank book.  After all, if this did not inspire me, what would.
Front End Paper - I used number punches to punch in 2009, and sewed fabric on the back.
It was not my intention to have this divider challenge each month.  I needed to put something on the blank page, and there was a piece of file folder lying in the remains on my desk.  I stamped on it and thus January's divider was born.
Simple gaffer's tape.  I was without electricity for eight days, and this journal page was done in a hotel room when I gave in and left my cold house for warmth on that 8th day.
Simple clear index tab from an office supply store.  At a stamp convention in Indianapolis in early March, Mike and Chris at Coffee Break gave away unmounted stamp sets of the names of the months.  So, if you want to point fingers, maybe This is where it all actually started to gel!!! hmmmm.
Index tabs with letters stamped on them.
Letter paper clips.
Ribbon with letters printed on it.
Letter beads.
Metal book darts, into which I hammered letters with a metal alphabet set.
Hey, why spell out a long word like September when you can just stencil a 9 onto some canvas!
Chipboard letters, painted and distressed.
Fabric, hand lettered and painted.
Metal tags with stamped fabric circles.


gaye said...

Well, that was just the best. I just loved it. Happy New Year my friend.

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely Beautiful. Happy New Year my pretty and talented Little Sis.

Pam Sussman said...

A three hanky video! Who knew?
Really enjoyed this, Pat, and all the best in 2010!

Pat said...

Hey, there's no crying in Divider Land.

Thank you all for the nice comments!