Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Project of the Year

Okay, this is really a left over project I am trying desperately to finish.  I signed up for a sketchbook for an exhibit in Atlanta.  There is an assigned theme, which I thought would be a good idea because it would be easier to work around a theme.  My theme is "You Are Me".  I am having a really, really, really hard time with the theme.  However, I went to see some of the other books and some from past exhibits, and some don't strictly follow their theme.  So I think I'm okay with what I've been doing.  At one point though, I realized with horror that I... um... (come closer, I have to whisper)...  I don't really sketch.  But some of the other books don't have sketching either.  And it Did say any media.  In the back of my mind, I am wanting to get back to my other journal, sewing paper and security envelopes, so that has kind of merged with my sketchbook, with me sewing a lot of stuff on the pages.  Anyway, below are a couple of page spreads. 

These pages use mirror cardstock. It's pretty cool to hold it in person and see "you".  Not so great in a photo though.

Finally, a use for those rolls of chart paper!  I sewed fake chart readings onto them!

This may all be moot at this point, however, because it is obvious I am going to miss the deadline, so I will have to throw myself on their mercy to see if they will still take it! 


gaye said...

I love the idea of the mirrored person. Very cleaver. You always come up with great ideas. And you work good under pressure.

letterlady said...

I like that too. Also - where do you get your rolls of chart paper. 'Threading' them is a fantastic idea!