Saturday, January 23, 2010


Here are my recent discoveries to amuse and entertain you.

Remember the whiskey corks Gaye and I got at a yard sale last summer?  Turns out they are corkscrews!  I saw some on eBay, and that's the way they were described.  I would never have known that, although now it does seem kind of obvious when I think about it!

Tater tots -  I found the initials R.S. on a tater tot.  That's all, no other interesting story to go with it.  If it had been a Madonna, I'd be rich today!  I dropped it on the floor, then threw it away... But I'll be watching for the meaning of R.S. in my life from now on!!

Security Envelopes - Okay, this is the big one... This is the best security envelope ev-aah!  It was from House Beautiful, wanting me to subscribe to their magazine.  I have a deal for them.  How about I send in the cost of a subscription and you just send me a box of these!!! 

On to more discoveries....


gaye said...

Well, I have a whole bag os them and didn't know that they were cork screws either. All I saw was "great legs and arms"

letterlady said...

See - Gaye really does look at things from a different point of view. : ) So THAT'S how she does it!

Luv the envelopes. I've saved the occasional security envelope myself over the years and have photocopied some too. (Think the copyright police will get me? - They'd have to find them first...I don't have a great filing system.)

letterlady said...

Forgot to comment on the RS...verrrrry interrrrresting.

patty said...

That is the best security envelope EVER. What a find that one is. I love it.