Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Break from Cold and Dreary

It is so cold and gray and foggy outside.  So this is for Gaye... only about seven more months until hot August days and... well, You Know!!!  Travel down these roads in Tennessee and Kentucky!  She will be chomping at the bit. (And don't worry, I'm okay with the fact that it's Mr. Gaye's turn to go this year..hee hee.)

And because I haven't shown any cool stuff of Gaye's lately (and she doesn't have a blog), this is one of my favorite things of hers.  She got this at a flea market several years ago.  Note to Pam and others who use cigar boxes for book covers.  Here's something to do with those short ends of the boxes that you don't use!!

Okay, that was a nice break.  Now back to cold and dreary.


letterlady said...

Where did you find the cool detour sign?

Pat said...

hanging on Gaye's wall.. where else? hahaha

gaye said...

Well, that was just what I needed to boost my spirits. Loved looking at the videos. We have been to a lot of those places. Now I'm all excited. Thanks Girlfriend.
Oh! and I got the Detour sign at where else: a yard sale.

Pam Sussman said...

OMG, get me a glue gun or a hammer ... I must attach something now! This is just very cool.