Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Avert Your Eyes

Good news!  I found my pincushion.  I know--you didn't even know I lost it.  I didn't either until just recently when I needed it.  I mean, who loses a pincushion?  Well, I do.  If I own something, at some point I will lose it.  Or rather, misplace it would be a better phrase because nothing is ever "lost", just in hiding.  I had been working on a fabric book cover a few months ago, but halfway through didn't like the way it was going with my hand-sewing on it.  I put it back in its project box, evidently on top of my pincushion.  And thus the pincushion was protected there all this time.  But now it's back. Ta-Dah!  (I made this pincushion last year using instructions in Sew Somerset.  I just love, love, love it.)

Okay, I warned you to avert your eyes... in fact, this picture may disappear within a week because it's too creepy.  First... I cannot explain how my mind works.  Sometimes it is like a roll top desk... lots of little cubbies, each with something different, waiting to be explored.  Other times, my mind is like a slot machine, with those little windows in the front.  I'll be going about my day, minding my own business, then all of a sudden, something in my brain will pause, pull the handle, and go through some kind of weird, unauthorized inventory.  That happened yesterday..  whirr, whirr, whirrr... ding, ding, ding... The first window said "little vintage clown heads from Gaye".... the second window said "bag of headless barbies from the yard sale".  And like a zombie in a trance, I nodded my head and said, "yes", and I went to get the clown heads and the bag of barbies--which I discovered also had some legless, headless Kens.  It just seemed so logical to put them together.  I started to call this post "Legless Kens with Clown Heads" but that was too creepy for even me.  So, as I warned you... either avert your eyes,... or enjoy and laugh! 

Whew... glad that is out of my system now.  I hope that doesn't happen again!  I prefer the clutterd roll top desk brain.

I have to do my least favorite thing now - go to the grocery store.  I don't mind sometimes, but we are supposed to get snow tonight, and I know every resident of the county will also be at the grocery store.  But I would hate to be stranded with no food or toilet paper... and I have not been to the grocery store since before Christmas.  Wish me luck...


Mike M. said...

We are each of us clowns with only one leg, and we can only frolic by embracing one another. ~Luciano de Crescenzo

That's beautiful Pat!

Pat said...

You are hilarious. I may have to print that out to put on the wall. (You had me going for a second. I had to go look it up.) Maybe there's a market for a line of greeting cards.... misfit clown cards.

Mary said...

HA! love it!!
I dislike grocery shopping too! Well, I hate having to carry in the bags and put all the food away!
We are expecting snow flurries, I had better run and get a few things in too!! Just the thought of snow send us Georgians running to the store!! :)

letterlady said...

These could easily be turned into Siamese Ken/Clowns. I love the description of how your brain works. Be grateful it works...look around you to know many don't. : )

Anonymous said...

I loved this. I think there is no higher calling than making new art treasures from Barbie & Ken. I thought I was the only one in the world with a bag full of headless ones from a yard sale.

Keep creating!