Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Security Patrol

Remember the sketchbook I was talking about last week... with the assigned theme of "You Are Me"?  I did finish it and it is long gone.  I had planned to post a little video so that you could see all the pages.  And I did in fact shoot a video of me turning the pages.  And I have watched the video on my computer.  However there is some kind of annoying, frustrating glitch that is driving me batty technical error that won't let me transfer it for public view.  I do have some still shots, but a lot of them were taken before I sewed the book back together, and also before I put final touches to the pages to fill in blank pages or to cover up sewing.

Nevertheless, here are a few more of the pages.  As I said, the class for Remains of the Day was really weighing on my mind, so I was grabbing lots of ledger pages and security envelopes at times.  Here is the Security Patrol, made from security envelopes.

And here is a section of "Your Are Me" pages.  I cut two pages shorter and shorter, then put adhesive letter tabs on them.  On the pages themselves, there are dictionary pages with "you" and "me" circled.  The pages are from American, Chinese, and French dictionaries.  There are also some German word cards on one page.

Numbers (lots of folds and flaps)

Oh, and did I mention that some of the pages in the Moleskine sketchbook are perforated??  As I was taking the final pictures and flipping pages, I noticed that some of the pages with a lot of stuff attached were starting to rip out!  Good thing I was going for a scrappy look, cause I just put clear packing tape over the perforations.  After all, I had used packing tape and masking tape on other pages, so that worked out.

If I get the video glitch figured out, you'll be the first to know!  (And P.S., for the record ... I hope I never hear the phrase 'You Are Me' again for the rest... of... my... life.)

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gaye said...

This is turning out great. Love the numbers page and all the security envelopes. I'm going to have to do a project using them. Save me some.