Thursday, January 28, 2010

Go Away

Move along.  There's nothing to see here.  Nothing at all.

This is Dave.  Dave the Dog. 

I've had Dave the rubber stamp since, oh, probably the late 1980s or early 1990s.  And I have "Z".  Z is a friend/pen pal from many, many years ago.  She lives in California.  She loves Dave the Dog.  Every year around January, she will start sucking up reminding me that her birthday is coming up (in February) and that it's time for her annual Dave card.  So, no matter how many times I go through my stamps and get rid of boxes of stamps at a time, I have to keep Dave.  Dave is special.  Dave does tricks.  Dave does all kinds of things.  But I can't show you.  Z might be reading this.  So, move along.  Nothing to see here.

I received a mail order today that I've been waiting for.  I've been very excited to receive this.  The package was in my post office box today.  Oh, boy.. I could not wait to open it, and I opened it while I was talking to my postmaster, who is also a good friend.  The order was a two-parter.  One part was awesome.  The other part was all wrong.  It was baffling, humorous, and also all wrong.  And it might be part of another birthday gift for another person, so I can't show you that either.  So, move along.  Nothing to see here.

I can show you the postage stamps for Year of the Tiger.  I love the Chinese New Year Stamps.  I especially like this one because it has daffodils on it.  Nothing says spring to me like daffodils, growing mysteriously along the roadside or in a field far away from any house.  It will be another month or two before I see anything like that, but it will make me all giddy when I do.

Move along, winter.  There's nothing to see here.


gaye said...

oooooh,oooooh, I'm excited about the part that was awesome.:-)

Pat said...

You must be psychic.