Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Arting on...

Still working on the final touches of my sketchbook and have the front cover attached.  I have to say, I did not notice the oozing of yellow paint around the stenciled letters until I looked at the photo.  In fact, the actual color I used at first blended into the brown cover and was hardly visible (and was not yellow), so I put a darker color over it.  So now it's visible, oozing out from there.  I'll pretend I did it that way on purpose.  Here's a couple of pictures.

Here is a CNN clip of a past sketchbook project from April 2009 (not the one I'm doing).  Apparently they sold those sketchbooks, from what the reporter says.  With this one, they will be in a "library", and not for sale.

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Medbury Gaye said...

Fun,Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun! You make me want to play. Haven't played since x-mas.